Hana Electronics is a brazilian company dedicated to development and manufacturing of innovative solutions and high technology geared towards the electronics industry.

Founded on March 2021, Hana Electronics’ skills are based on technological expertise of your matrix, Hana Micron Inc. who helds company headquarters on South Korea and branches in the United States and Vietnam.

Hana Micron has been recognized as one of the leading companies in the component manufacturing segment, acting as partner and service provider of encapsulation and semicondutor testing services for the main industries in this segment.

With a complete portfolio of semiconductor solutions, from integrated memory integrated circuits with multi-chip packaging, high-capacity memory modules, SSDs (solid state drives), to wireless communication devices aimed at the IoT (Internet of Things) market , Hana Electronics is focused on meeting the most demanding quality standards and seeking total customer satisfaction.


Provide solutions in semiconductors and electronic components with high added value, with global quality and advanced technology, satisfying our customers.


To be a reference in the markets in which it operates and a key partner for future technologies.


Create and integrate advanced solutions in electronic components and semiconductors.


  • Customer focus with excellence: Be a partner customer can trust.
  • Collaboration: Leverage collective work.
  • Ownership culture: Pursue high performance, embrace challenges and responsibility.
  • Diversity: We value the skills and competencies of all people, with multicultural acceptance and without any kind of prejudice.
  • Innovation everyday: Doing better everyday.
  • Create values: Work with a focus on results and high collective performance.

Strategic Board

Responsible for Hana Electronics’s strategic agenda and positioning.

Chris Ryu

Chris Ryu


Having 25 years of research and development experience and more than 30 patents in the South Korean semiconductor industry, Chris has developed several packaging technologies such as FBGA, MicroBGA, Multichip FBGA, QFN and Flipchip. All in accordance with ISO standards.
“I feel responsible for developing the Brazilian semiconductor industry. I will do my best to convey my experience and knowledge in technology for the Hana Micron group in Brazil.”