The uMCP is an integrated circuit that combines in a single chip, non-volatile UFS memory, volatile LPDRAM memory and a controller.

uMCP components have high performance and optimized size, being the ideal solution for systems such as 5G smartphones.

Memory Modules

Memory module is a printed circuit board on which volatile DRAM memory integrated circuits are mounted, along with a EEPROM circuit and passives. Memory modules are widely used in personal computers and permit easy installation and fast replacement.

Main applications are Desktops, DVRs and ATMs for UBDIMM form factor, Notebooks and All-in-Ones for SODIMM form factor and Servers, for RDIMM form factor. Hana Electronics supplies DDR4 and DDR5 solutions for desktops, notebooks and servers, reaching speeds of up to 5600MHz.


SSDs (Solid State Drives) are the latest technology available for non-volatile data storage.

Hana Electronics provides Gen4 M.2 SSD solutions up to 512GB with higher performance and lower power consumption, in 2230, 2242 and 2280 form factors.


Dynamic data processing memories ideal for space-constrained solutions


DRAM is a volatile processing memory widely used in the market.
Hana Electronics will provide high quality and reliable DDR3 and DDR4 DRAMS, suitable for several applications such as Smart TV, Security solutions, PC solder down, Memory modules and Server applications.


eMCP integrates into a single small footprint low-power package up to 9-stack volatile, non-volatile memory and a controller.
Hana Electronics eMCPs are the ideal solution for space-constrained systems such as smartphones, tablets, wearables, loT devices and several products for the 4.0 industry.


eMMC is a non-volatile memory storage system, comprised of both Flash memory and controller.
The low-power consumption and small design makes HT Micron’s eMMC a low-cost memory solution for PC, Mobile devices, Smart TV, Security, IoT Devices, Wearables and Automotive embedded applications.